About #LoveChanty

Picture8The Chantel Rall Foundation, affectionately known as LoveChanty, was started a few years ago by Chantel Rall to raise awareness in the multi-sport arena about the real battle that people face when fighting cancer, but also, very importantly, that this battle can be won. Chantel first got cervical cancer in 2012, and after undergoing a radical hysterectomy, she made a deal with God while lying in the hospital bed. Doctors gave her very little hope of resuming a full and active life, and warned her to be prepared for limited mobility. However, in true Chantel Rall aka Warrior Princess fashion, she refused to accept the prognosis and promised that she would do an Ironman Competition if God would let her walk out of the hospital.

So an arduous and hard journey started, but finally, through sheer determination and guts, along with assistance and encouragement from friends and family alike, she finally crossed that finish line 2 years later. Since then she has completed several 70.3 events and 2 full Ironman’s, as well as a host of other multi sport endurance events. Chantel became an ambassador for the Vrede Foundation as well as a spokeswoman for SAIDS and the “I play fair” campaign. She started applying her PR and media skills in the adventure and multi sport industry where she was working with Ironman SA, Discovery World Triathlon and the Big5 Challenge in Knysna just to mention a few.

In 2015 Chantel got re-diagnosed with multiple cancers and this time the attack on her system was ferocious. She gave it her all, and never stopped caring, even to the point where she got a massive amount of cyclists to ride for Chanty at the Pick and Pay Momentus Argus Cycle Tour in 2016. She passed away shortly afterwards, but her memory has most certainly not as her friends have picked up the banner and are promoting the Chantel Rall Foundation through their various activities.